Who we are at Zion Lutheran Church:

  • Sinners in need of the forgiveness won for us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, living by faith in His promises and trusting His mercy which is new every morning 
  • Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS). Yes, that means we are Christian. This also means that we adhere to teachings and confessions that are consistent with the Christian church throughout its history. 
  • A continuation of the historic, orthodox church – You don’t have to take our word for it. If we are not teaching and confessing the same things that the Christian church has since its beginning, then we are doing something wrong. Let us know. We’re not trying to be new or innovative. We are trying to be sound and faithful to our Lord and His teaching. 
  • Biblical – We believe that the Bible is the authoritative, inerrant Word of God.
  • Confessional – meaning we are holding to the teachings of the church which have been worked out, tested and proven sound against false teachings that have previously emerged in the church. The Book of Concord is a collection of these confessional writings.
  • Liturgical – the way we worship is intentional and purposeful. Our beliefs create and affect worship life. Our worship life creates and affects beliefs. These are interrelated. This has been known throughout the life of the ancient church.
  • Missional – go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching. If you have not been baptized or instructed in His teachings, we are here for you.
  • Part of the community – most members have lived in the area for all or the greater parts of their lives. They have deep and far-reaching community roots. You may already know some of our members from school, work, or volunteer service in the area. Maybe even from your own family gatherings. Their paid vocations include: teachers, business owners, law enforcement, mechanics, retail managers, retired, therapists, health care providers, truck drivers, day care givers, engineers, farmers
  • Welcoming (hopefully) – you can be the judge of that. Let us know how we’re doing when you visit. If you are not a part of our larger church body, the LCMS or a sister church body, please be patient while we discuss our teachings and beliefs. This is especially important if you would like to receive the Lord’s Supper at our altar. This is one of the things we take seriously, because God does. We are trying to be faithful and responsible stewards of God’s gifts.
  • Family oriented. God loves families. So do we. moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters...
  • Called by God’s Gospel to gather in His name as His guests to receive His Word and gifts – amazingly, this happens every week at Zion Lutheran Church right here in Chippewa Falls!
  • More than we can write on this page. Please visit us, so we can tell you more about who we are and begin to learn who you are.