150 Quotes to Celebrate 150 Years of God’s Unchanging Grace in Christ

To God, Our Savior, Be Glory….Both Now and Ever.  Amen.”(Jude 25)This truth should certainly be worthy to be sung, preached, and spoken about constantly; and we certainly ought to love and praise God in recognition of such blessing as this…For what is it?The Son of God becomes my Servant and humbles Himself so deeply that He actually takes my misery and sin, nay, the sin and death of all the world, upon His shoulders, takes them away, and says to me: You are no longer a sinner.But I am.I step into your place.You did not sin.But I did.All the world is in sin.But you are not in sin.I am.All you sins are to lie on Me and not on you.No one can comprehend this.We shall be eternally blessed in yonder life by contemplating this love of God…Indeed, who is able to be sufficiently thankful to our Lord God for this Grace? – Martin Luther (Plass – What Luther Says – p.1427)

Service of Celebration on June 24, 2018 @ 2pm

Meal and Fellowship to follow.